Life sucks
Today I was supposed to be packed and waiting with my son for the plane going to Poland for my mums 60th Birthday surprise. Everything was booked and organised. My friend supposed to collect us from the airport and drop us to my parents house. I can see my mums and dad’s faces… Tomorrow I had planned to go with my mum to SPA Hotel for mums-daughter beauty treatments for 4 days. Dad and Szymek supposed to leave us there and come back at day 4th and stay with us for a day in Aqua Park and then all together go back home. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? Well, instead I’m sitting again in the oncology ward and getting my second session of carbo and caelyx. I’m so sad. Life is so so unpredictable! ??

Hugs, xx

3 thoughts on “01-12-16

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you so much for your speedy delivery of the really beautiful caps and scarf that I purchased for my mum…they are so soft and not at all irritating to her skin (this is an accomplishment in itself!). They have made a small part of this journey just that little bit easier to bear…and I got to feel like I could do something to help. Thanks again. Xx

  2. Marian Ryan says:

    Thank you so much for the hat for my friend. It’s so soft & comfortable & took so much hassle out of it for me of of trying to find ones that suit, were not itchy & don’t make it really obvious she’s a cancer patient. She loved the personal touch too of the way you had it wrapped!! It made the gift that but more special. Thanks also for exchanging the hat as she didn’t like the colour. Wishing you every success!!

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