Nothing has changed on haematology ward. Same nurses, same procedures, same gray faces. Funny…Nurse is saying to me: “Nice to see you…” Really?

I don’t complain. They are really nice, warm and helpful. They have a very hard job to do. Ok, let’s get the drip in. Good luck with this as my veins haven’t recovered since last year. And ok, drip’s in, I am going to enjoy my Sudoku for the last time as after chemo it takes a long time to rebuild and restore brain functions. For the last 12 months my 6 years old son was smarter than me.


One thought on “3.11.16

  1. Lorraine Szlagowska says:

    Hello Zaneta – I am sorry to hear about your illness but miracles can happen so do not lose faith – I will pray for your recovery –

    Thinking of you – xoxox

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