Skin care during and after cancer treatment

Starting chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment can be one of the most difficult times for patients with cancer and other conditions. Not only can chemotherapy be hard on your body, but it can also be harsh on your skin.During and after chemotherapy, one can expect the skin to become drier, dehydrated, dull, greying, irritated and more […]

New ovarian cancer drug could give women years of life

New ovarian cancer drug could give women years of life in the form of a ‘therapeutic’ vaccine Women with ovarian cancer are to receive a new ‘therapeutic’ vaccine  Canadian company BioVaxys has developed a vaccine for use as a treatment The disease claims more than 4,000 lives a year in UK and has low […]

Drug Boosts Survival for Women With Advanced Ovarian Cancer

THURSDAY, March 25, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Women with advanced ovarian cancer often face grim statistics, with less than half surviving for five years after their diagnosis. However, a new study suggests that so-called “maintenance therapy” with a targeted cancer drug may add years to some patients’ lives. In findings described by some experts as […]

Ovarian cancer drug delivers ‘very promising’ results in early trial

A new targeted treatment for ovarian cancer has shown ‘very promising’ results in an early clinical trial – shrinking tumours in half of women with the disease. Researchers believe the drug, which mimics the action of folic acid to enter cells, could hold huge promise for women with advanced ovarian cancer who have stopped responding […]

Xavier Research Lab Produces Breast Cancer Treatment Breakthrough

A Xavier University of Louisiana cancer research lab has announced a new treatment for breast cancer, which could reduce the number of women who choose preventional mastectomies and who experience negative side effects with traditional treatment options. XULA Biology Chair Shubha Ireland is part of a team of Lousiana-based researchers who have developed a “super cocktail” […]


15/12/2016 Not great day today… 15 years ago I said: “Yes, I do” to the most wonderful man on the planet. 15 years married, 16 years together, our crystal anniversary and I am spending this day in the hospital. It supposed to be simple and quick, morning CT scan.  Nurses and doctor couldn’t get the needle in. […]

Starting Chemotherapy: 15 Nutrition Tips

Starting chemotherapy

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, you want to stay as healthy and comfortable as possible during treatment. What you eat during treatment can make a big difference in helping you achieve that goal. “Chemotherapy and radiation treatments place their own burdens on the nutrition system in addition to cancer itself,” explains Charlie Pieterick, RN, MS, […]