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30.10.16 I didn’t cry since I left doctor’s office. I don’t even know why.  And what is strange…I am very calm. Probably my knowledge and experience make me feel stronger. It’s very strange as well but I feel kind of relief. This bomb was sitting and ticking. I didn’t know when and will blow up. Constant […]

Here we go again

There is only ONE good thing about the recurrence…You know exactly when it comes. You can feel it in your gut and you can’t be wrong! I didn’t have any symptoms when I was the first time diagnosed in 2015 with stage IIIc ovarian cancer. That was a shock for me. This time, just a few weeks […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Ovarian cancer symptoms

  My ovarian cancer symptoms There are hundreds of pages on the internet which are devoted to ovarian cancer and its symptoms. I had read many of them as well. But I read them only after I had been actually diagnosed. This was too late! Every woman should be aware of those symptoms and their meaning […]

Leukaemia drug to fight Ovarian Cancer


A drug already approved for leukaemia patients could also be used to treat a specific type of ovarian cancer, according to new research. Scientists from The Institute of Cancer Research, London found that ovarian cancer cells in mice stopped growing after they were given a drug called dasatinib. The research, funded by Cancer Research UK, […]

Just diagnosed with cancer?

cancer surgery treatment and recovery tips

Few tips for those recently diagnosed with cancer, getting ready for a surgery & chemotherapy treatment I can’t help & give advice how to cope with the diagnosis. I probably can’t make it easier to face this terrible news. It’s dramatic, mind-numbing and very personal experience which I wish none of us have had to […]

BRCA1 gene mutation linked to fewer eggs in ovaries


Women with the BRCA1 gene mutation appear to have smaller amounts of the anti-Müllerian hormone, a hormone that indicates the number of eggs remaining in the ovaries. The research appears in the journal Human Reproduction. The ovaries of women with the BRCA1 mutation appear to have fewer eggs. BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are associated […]

How fruit and alcohol impact breast cancer risk


Teens who eat fruit may be building up protection against breast cancer, but drinking alcohol later in life could aggravate the risk, say findings from two linked studies published in the BMJ. Fruits and vegetables are important sources of fiber, vitamins, and other biologically active substances, which are thought to offer protection against breast cancer. […]

Of Alternative Medicines, Misinformation And Fear


It happens to me quite often. When I tell people I had cancer and I underwent an extensive surgery followed by the course of chemotherapy they often stare at me and say that chemo kills. It actually upsets me a lot. “You have decided to take chemo??? Do you know that it kills your healthy […]

Terminal breast cancer can be wiped out by tweaking EXISTING treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment Modified

Terminal breast cancer could be wiped out by tweaking an EXISTING treatment, ‘astonishing’ study declares Cancer is curable within the breast but harder to treat once it spreads Scientists have developed a new way of releasing chemotherapy drugs Technique allows them to hone in on hard-to-treat tumours in the body If successful it could extend a […]