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29/12/2016 The third session of carbo/caelyx. My veins are bad, they don’t want to take another needle in. First two tries – not a chance. Third try – nearly fainted, but we’re good, we’re in. Unfortunately, this got blocked at the very end of chemo infusion. Nurses had to remove it and try again. I […]


15/12/2016 Not great day today… 15 years ago I said: “Yes, I do” to the most wonderful man on the planet. 15 years married, 16 years together, our crystal anniversary and I am spending this day in the hospital. It supposed to be simple and quick, morning CT scan.  Nurses and doctor couldn’t get the needle in. […]


3.11.16 Nothing has changed on haematology ward. Same nurses, same procedures, same gray faces. Funny…Nurse is saying to me: “Nice to see you…” Really? I don’t complain. They are really nice, warm and helpful. They have a very hard job to do. Ok, let’s get the drip in. Good luck with this as my veins haven’t recovered […]


30.10.16 I didn’t cry since I left doctor’s office. I don’t even know why.  And what is strange…I am very calm. Probably my knowledge and experience make me feel stronger. It’s very strange as well but I feel kind of relief. This bomb was sitting and ticking. I didn’t know when and will blow up. Constant […]

Here we go again

There is only ONE good thing about the recurrence…You know exactly when it comes. You can feel it in your gut and you can’t be wrong! I didn’t have any symptoms when I was the first time diagnosed in 2015 with stage IIIc ovarian cancer. That was a shock for me. This time, just a few weeks […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Ovarian cancer symptoms

  My ovarian cancer symptoms There are hundreds of pages on the internet which are devoted to ovarian cancer and its symptoms. I had read many of them as well. But I read them only after I had been actually diagnosed. This was too late! Every woman should be aware of those symptoms and their meaning […]

Just diagnosed with cancer?

cancer surgery treatment and recovery tips

Few tips for those recently diagnosed with cancer, getting ready for a surgery & chemotherapy treatment I can’t help & give advice how to cope with the diagnosis. I probably can’t make it easier to face this terrible news. It’s dramatic, mind-numbing and very personal experience which I wish none of us have had to […]