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Cathy L

“After becoming a very recently diagnosed cancer patient, with a very sudden hair loss, I found myself looking in confusion at wigs, scarves etc, online!  Of course the internet threw up the ‘big’ companies, I recognised a name and placed an order for headwear in what I assumed would be plenty time before my hair fell out.  About 5 days later, and the ‘3 working days’ after I should have well received my order, I thought to check my email, to find an impersonal message alerting me that the items I had chosen were in fact out of stock and my money had been refunded.  Those who have experienced diagnosis, chemo and hair loss will probably ‘get’ that this produced a major meltdown for me!   I got a grip of myself (slowly!)… and got online again and one of the first images that came up of was of Zaneta’s lovely and easy to use website.  I found myself happily ‘shopping’, and calming!, and equally much consoled by reading of her own journey – it proved to be both a practical and therapeutic experience!


My only difficulty with the experience was culling my basket!  25 hats is not neccessary 🙂  Beautiful choice, lovely colours and styles.  I placed my order and received a confirmation email immediately last Tuesday.  On Wednesday I received a lovely warm text from Zaneta, apologising to me that one colour I wanted in one style of hat was out of stock, offering to refund the money for that item, or offering to refund the money for the whole order – to be offered choice and control while undergoing cancer treatment, when you feel everything is totally out of your control, is a huge thing, bigger organisations should learn from Zaneta.  I texted back my thanks and asked Zaneta to please proceed with the rest of my order and asked her if she had any other style of hats in the colour I had wanted.  Within 2 minutes a text back with images of other hats I could choose from if I wanted (which of course I did!) – Zaneta just swapped in a replacement for me, no need for me to go re-ordering, no hassle, and again her apologies.   With her warmth and empathy and good wishes, I felt I was interacting with a ‘friend’.


I arrived home from my chemo session on Thursday, wearing a borrowed hat from my daughter, to find my package waiting for me!  Such speed – and the products are fantastic.  I purchased both bamboo and cotton hats, both very comfortable.  Colours are very true to website pictures, and Zaneta’s sizing is spot on.  For both efficiency and quality of product, packaged and delivered with much care and a personal touch – I simply cannot recommend Hairless Beauty and Zaneta enough.  I just wish I had happened upon her website from the start.


Wishing you continued success and continued very good health.”

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