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Dear Zaneta,
I have finally picked up my mum’s hats, which arrived surprisingly quickly ?
I immediately went to my mother to have her wear something comfortable right away. I’m almost out of words for how nice the bamboo hats feel, they are soft beyond expectations. The message you wrote by hand and wished the best to my mum almost made her cry, she never expected that any shop owner could be so caring and thoughtful. Every single detail, from beautiful wrapping paper, detailed hand written labels on each hat, perfect seams on a material of exceptional quality.
I can’t thank you enough for how happy your hats made her feel. Your story inspired her and since she thought you looked beautiful in your hats, she felt she could look beautiful too. She liked how you used letters fight in your brochure ?
There are no appropriate words for me to thank you for the wonderful experience that you provided us with today.
Your business, attention to every single detail on your hats and exceptional customer service are so needed and appreciated in this, specific time of need. You are amazing and I hope you will never have to wear the hats again, but that you will keep making other women happy with them.
Sorry for the long email, I was just so deeply touched, I had to let you know how much this means to me and my mother.
Thank you for your strength, inspiration and drive for your business which really does make a difference.
With best wishes to you and your family,
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